Factors to Consider Before Reroofing

Listed below are some of the things you need to consider beefier replacing your old roof with a new roof system: 


Differences of cost 

Even though synthetic roofing tiles usually cost more upfront compared to the traditional materials, you can still save due to their cheaper and long-term maintenance cost. For instance, wooden shake roofs need a lot of shingle replacements and maintenance. While composite shake roofs have the similar look that can sustain even without any maintenance. Composite materials are more resistant to hail, fire, and wind as well, needing less money and time for upkeep. s 

The materials to use 

Since there’s a major possibility that you haven’t replaced your roofing within the past 20 years, you may not be updated with all the new roofing advancements that are available today. For your information, other roofing materials such as clay tiles or standard asphalt roofing have their alternatives already. Meanwhile, the materials used for composite roofs come in 3 major styles—Spanish, Slate, or Shake Tiles. Also, synthetic materials usually have 50-year warranties and last a lot longer compared to traditional materials. 

Think long term 

Perhaps you’re still deciding if you want to opt for the cheaper roofing material. However, it’s still best if you invest in materials of high quality so that you can use them for the long term. Remember that clay tile looks good, but this roofing material tends to break easily when exposed to extreme weather. Asphalt shingles eventually fade and would just last for approximately 20 years. On the contrary, roof tiles made out of synthetic materials are engineered to endure heat, hail, rain, wind, and fire.  

The look you want 

Before you choose which contractor to use or look into the price of new roofing, it’s vital to know what roofing style do you want. You can choose to stand out in your neighborhood or to go with a subdued look. One more vital aspect to consider is to know what color you should pick to paint your roof. 

Stripping old material vs. layering 

If you just have some roofing areas that are damaged from wind or hail, layering would be the ideal option for your roof. But if your house has been exposed to extreme ice, hail, or rain, stripping the old material would be safer. Though most areas let approximately two asphalt roofing layers, it’s highly recommended to remove the old roofing material so that the roofer can check and repair your roof better. If you want to choose a new roofing material, then stripping off the old material is a must before you put on a new roof. Doing so can be beneficial since it enables any problematic roofing areas to be repaired first before being covered once more.  

Select the best roofing contractor 

It’s important to have the right contractor if you want to have a good experience with your roof replacement in Des Moines. So, make sure to hire the best roofer within your place and make sure that they have the skills, accreditations, and insurance they need to perform the reroofing project before you hire one.