Tips to Safely Travel Alone

The question of whether solo traveling is safe is arguable the first one that comes to mind for those who want to experience being a single traveler. Without a buddy to watch out for you, you’re actually more prone to con artists, criminals, and simple health issues. However, a solo traveler can actually easily blend in more compared to group travelers. Aside from that, another way to be protected is to not draw attention to yourself as a tourist. Below are some of some safety tips if you want to go New Orleans site seeing and travel alone:

Leave a copy of your itinerary.

You can do so with a family member at home or your friend and make sure to keep in touch with them regularly through email, video chat, text, or phone.

Check your transportation schedules and maps

This is what you have to do before you leave your tourist office, rental car, train, or hotel. If you’re a kind of solo traveler who gets too absorbed in her phone could be prone to unwanted situations. Hence, you need to practice double-checking your things all the time.

Lie a little

If you want to ask for directions, you should never tell anyone that you’re alone and you don’t have a company. You can ask something like this “Can you tell me the directions from there to the museum? I need to meet a friend there.”

Leave important things at home

Do not draw attention to yourself by wearing sparkling jewelry or flashy clothes.

Only go to public and open areas

You should always keep in mind to prevent going to narrow and silent places, particularly during night time.

Bring great identification in more than one place.

If you want to wear a money belt, you should never use it as a purse. Instead, use it as storage. Once you’re seen to always reaching for money under your shirt, it can only draw attention, which can defeat its purpose. Rather, it’s best to keep other important documents, extra stores of money, and your passport tucked away and utilize a theft-resistant purse or bag intended for the money you’ll be spending every day.

Trust your gut

If you think something smells fishy, then do not do it. You need to trust yourself and your intuition.

Select the best accommodations

The hotel you’ll be booking must have a 24-hour front desk because there’s a chance that you’ll be arriving late. This way, you can guarantee that you will not wind up sleeping in your car or anywhere you can sleep.

Research first before arriving in your destination

You need to know how much it costs and how long it takes to reach from the airport to the city center or your hotel. Moreover, solo travelers tend to be “taken for a ride.” Hence you need to request the cab driver for an estimated fare before leaving. When it’s significantly different from what you’ve researched, look for another taxi to ride.