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Your air duct is one of the important equipment in your house. It ensures safety and health for your family and home. It cleans and filters the air that you breathe, and removes the dust and dirt that you carry from the outside and produce inside the house. Imagine without having your air duct because no proper maintenance was done.  

 Many people believe that cleaning it on their own is better than hiring a professional air duct cleaning tech. However, we advised you that you let the professionals do their works. There are many reasons why you need to hire a company service including it is efficient and cost-effective. However, there are many services that promise you the same thing. The following are the questions you need to ask before you hire your prospective service.   

Can you present to me your proof of liability insurance?  

When accidents happen, and they cause damage to your equipment and property, their liability insurance will protect you from them running away from the responsibility. All reputable companies will provide their clients with this.   

Do you have references?  

References will give you a hint of how a company has served previous clients. This is something different from finding reviews online. The company would be able to showcase their confidence in providing you their references. All good companies are confident about the service they give and the customers they have served.  

What guidelines does the company follow?  

The NADCA and EPA provide the standards and guidelines for cleaning air ducts. NADCA, for instance, require strict regulations from their members. You can start by asking if they are members of this organization.   

What is my quote and is this the whole amount I need to pay?  

This is very important because there have been a lot of reported cases where customers are scammed by other companies. Some companies ask for a cheaper price but do not perform the promised service, while others recommend unnecessary extras in their service. Choose a company that gives what it offers.   

Will your technicians provide me photos that showcase my air duct before and after the cleaning?   

This is important to make sure that the company provides you a quality service. By giving you shots of the equipment before and after the cleaning, you will be able to see the difference that the technicians have made.   

What are your safety procedures?  

You need to make sure that the company also ensures the safety of your family, pet, and house during the cleaning process. A reputable company will use drop cloths to keep debris off floors. Also, they should apply plastic guards to protect the house’s walls.   

Cleaning your air duct will never be easy. This is why hiring a professional is what recommended. It requires training, the right equipment, expertise, and proper gear to ensure an efficient process and safe work that avoids damages to your house and incidents to your family and pets. It is also cost-effective and time-saving.